The combination of the RG100 with the Knelson MD12 concentrator is an excellent match. Even the most stubborn clays are disintegrated by the autogenous scrubbing action in the drum section (assuming correct feed rate), and this plant combo is excellent for processing of eluvial and alluvial ores, especially smaller high value deposits.
— J. Duguid (Managing Director, Stillram Mining Co.p/l)
  • RG Scrubber wash plant paired with the world renown FLSmidth-Knelson concentrator or APT’s GK-X for optimal gold recovery.

  • A crushing circuit can easily be added to the plant at a later stage, allowing you to begin mining and expand your project through internal funding.

  • These concentrators target the “free gold” present in the ore.

  • No chemical process required.

  • Where there is limited free gold present, the gold is often finely disseminated and bound to other minerals, usually a mineral sulphide such as pyrite. In these cases, the particles are too small to be able to make a gravity concentrate that is of high enough grade for direct smelting. However, gravity processes can still be used to pre-concentrate the ore into a smaller stream which can then be treated using a cyanide leach or other process. In these cases, APT would use the FLSmidth-Knelson CVD concentrator to produce the concentrate stream, and an APT TriTank for cyanide leaching.

  • Production can commence quickly as the plant comes pre-packaged, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, with all the necessary components needed.


  • Plants are available to cater to the sizes 10tph, 20tph, 80tph and 250tph. Please contact us for a full list of specifications.