RDK HARD ROCK PLANT – Precious Mineral Liberation Solution

The RDGK Crusher is a small-scale plant that utilises no chemicals and only requires a water source. It crushes hard rocks to size and passed through to the GoldKacha. It combines the RD Wet Impactor with the GoldKacha. It is a portable, with a trailer version and easy to operate. It has low environmental impact, with small energy and footprint requirements.


Photo: RDK Hard Rock Plant

Hard rock bearing material is fed by hand into the top of the RDGK. Alternatively, a ramp can be built to feed material directly into the feed launder where it is crushed to size and passed through the GoldKacha. Here, the material is concentrated and prepared for final upgrade via the GoldMaster Sluice. If the rock is larger than 40mm, a small Jaw Crusher is used before passing it the RDK plant.

Model Standard
Feedrate (tph) 1-1.5
Power Requirement (kW) 18
Water Requirement (m3/h) 2-3
Maximum Feed Size (mm) 45
Concentrate Produced (kg) 8-10
Shipping Weight (kg) 1.2