GOLDKACHA – Centrifugal Gravity Concentrator Processing System

The GoldKacha is especially suited to the recovery of precious metals from dump tailings, rubble beds and alluvial sands. It was developed for small mining applications. The novel centrifugal riffle principle results in high recovery of both coarse and fine precious metals.

The GoldKacha is a simple and robust centrifugal gravity concentrator processing system. Material is slurried with water via supplied screen. The concentrate is usually purged once every hour and requires further upgrade using equipment such as conventional panning or GoldKonka concentrate upgrader.

Several GoldKacha’s can be implemented as a custom treatment facility, where the owner can hire them out and enable others to process their own material in a safe and simple way. Nesting several units means that one operator can treat a larger tonnage of his own material.

Model Standard
Feedrate (tph) 1-3
Nominal Feed Size (mm) 3
Installed Power (Kw electric motor) 0.75
Water Requirement (m3/h) 2-4
Typical Concentrate Weight (kg) 8-10
Run Time Between Conc Washes (h) 1
Weight (kg) 89/109