Is It Worth It Paying Extra for a Good Mineral Processing Plant? | Finding the Correct Mining Equipment

Is It Worth It Paying Extra for a Good Mineral Processing Plant? | Finding the Correct Mining Equipment


It is very tempting to buy a cheap mineral processing plant, but beware it will probably cost a lot more. Here are the reasons:


When you buy bits and pieces of cheap equipment you may be missing some important parts. You will then need to go and find all the pieces before you get into production and start earning money from that investment. Remember a mineral processing plant that isn’t operational is nothing more than scrap metal.

APT plants are provided complete and you are informed of what you need to supply, like a generator or water supply, so there are no surprises.


If the plant you buy is not the correct plant for the type of material you have, you may have wasted every cent you have spent, no matter how cheap it was.

APT does not just sell plants, we sell solutions. We have qualified and highly experienced personnel who ask you questions to find out what you have and ensure we supply the correct equipment. If you need testing we make sure we advise you of this, and we have our own associate laboratories with decades of experience to find out the correct answer.  We are not just interested in selling equipment, we are selling success.


The equipment we sell is top quality, manufactured by APT, and for the few items that we may outsource, we vet our suppliers carefully.

All equipment wears out some time, but APT offers original quality spares to keep you in operation month after month, year after year. If your plant is no longer usable because you cannot repair it, from that second onward it is just scrap metal. Remember too that when your plant stops because of frequent breakdowns, your overheads do not stop – you still have to pay salaries, money for vehicles and other expenses.


APT understands minerals. We design our plants to get the maximum possible recovery which means higher profits. For example let us say that a cheap 3 tonne per hour gold plant cost $60 000, but an APT high quality plant costs $100 000, but gets an extra 30% recovery. The difference is $40 000. At today’s gold price of $61.82 that $40 000 equates to 647 grams of gold. Now let us assume that the cheap plant recovers 3 grams of gold per tonne, but because of its better efficiency the quality APT plant recovers 30% more as per our example, then it will get 3.9 grams of gold per tonne, or 0.9 grams per tonne more than the cheap plant. If you operate 8 hours per day that equates to 0.9g/t x 3t/h x 8h/d = 21 grams of gold per day extra. At $61.82 per gram that is $1335 dollars per day extra. So the $40 000 you paid for the better plant will be reached in about one month. For every month thereafter you will also make extra gold, so your investment will not only be paid off, but continue to make you higher returns.

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